How Cashback Works


Savingsbazaar allows you to save on your expenses by obtaining a cashback on all your various expenditure with our partners. The cashback amount differs based on the merchant. The page of the merchant will clearly state the cashback amount and other details.


Please find below information on how the Cashback process works.


Step 1 - Browse on our site for the retailer you are looking for.


Step 2 - Identify a partner on our website and read through the terms and conditions of the cashback.


Step 3 - Enter your email and click Get Links button on the retailer page to display Cashback links and Coupon.


Note : Cashback rates shown are inclusive of Tax Deducted as deemed by the retailer.


Step 4 - Click on the link you wish to which will take you to the retailer page and make your purchase.


Note: Do not open any other cashback sites, coupon sites, comparison sites, etc. whilst your purchase as the acknowledgement will be tracked to that sites. Make your purchase from the retailer session which opens on your click-thru from Ensure is the last visited site when you click-thru to the retailer website for purchase. Once you make the purcahse your cashback session ends and if you decide to make another purchase and avail cashback you need to come back from and follow step 1 to 4.


Step 5 - Send in your Cashback Claims within 7 days of the purchase date by filling up the form on Cashback page.


Note: It is mandatory to fill the Cashback form first time you use our site so we get your details, from next time it is preferred but if not we will take the necessary action.


Step 6 - Merchant now verifies and approves the sale.


Step 7 - The cashback will arrive in your account anywhere between 1 to 3 months depending on the date of transaction and the partner concerned.


Step 8 - Once the amount is credited, you will choose to get the amount transferred into your bank account via an online transfer by filling up the form on Payment page.